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Partner. Grow. Thrive.

Pinnacle GI Partners was founded on the belief that independent GI practices provide the best value – quality, cost, and experience – for patients and their communities. We believe that future success in the ever-changing healthcare environment will come from physicians choosing to join forces as partners, collaborating in ways never seen before. Together, through size and scale, we are empowered to overcome health system consolidation, specialist and primary care employment, declining economics, and the administrative burden distracting from taking care of patients.

Experienced physicians Dr. M. Emin Donat standing with a transparent background
Nobody is an island at Pinnacle GI Partners, we are a large group of supportive physicians. We often self-refer to one another, especially if another physician has a particular interest or skill set. We encourage you to pursue your interest in any part of GI care.
Dr. M. Emin Donat, MD FRCPC
Board Certified Gastroenterologist
We are a private practice, but we are also very academic, some prefer to use the term "Pracademic" to describe this. It’s unique in that we have a fellowship program. We teach medical students, we teach residents, we teach fellows. We participate in research, and at the same time don’t have the constraints you might find in other settings.
Dr. Dorian Jones, MD
Board Certified Gastroenterologist
Experienced Physician Dr. Dorian Jones MD