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Partner. Grow. Thrive

Building a better future in
Digestive Healthcare

Center for Digestive Health | Capitol Colorectal | Digestive Health Institute

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Our mission

Future-Proofing Private Practice

Pinnacle GI Partners is a partnership of comprehensive digestive health practices focused on adding new partners across the Midwest. We are founded on the belief that independent GI practices provide the best value – quality, cost, and experience – for patients and their communities.

Our model is unique. We partner with entrepreneurial GI physicians who want to grow and thrive together with us.

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What we are solving

Private Practice Can Be Tough Without Support

Today’s private practice landscape is more challenging and competitive than ever. Patients have higher expectations on accessibility and communication with you and your practice. Doctors face increased pressure from larger hospital systems and payers.

Reimbursement pressure, wage inflation and labor shortages hamper growth and profitability of practices. Regulatory requirements and operational burden take doctors’ attention away from providing high quality care.

Who has the time to tackle these challenges and still provide great care to patients? It can be overwhelming.

That’s why we formed Pinnacle GI Partners. We are business partners to independent GI and Colorectal specialists. We support our physician partners in their journeys to build even better practices.and help them win – today and in the future.

It’s Your Destiny - Take Control

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Physicians as Partners, Not Passengers

  • We are focused on what we can do together as partners

  • We partner with best-in-class GI physicians committed to highly effective care and lowering healthcare costs

  • Our physicians work jointly with our business leaders to drive our business forward

  • We preserve our local practice structures to ensure continued engagement and affiliation


Invest Together to Build the GI Practice of the Future

  • Comprehensive, integrated GI care prevention to cure

  • Practice at the leading edge of patient care and research

  • Train, mentor, and develop the next generation of physicians clinical, research, leadership

  • Deploy technologies to meet 21st Century patient expectations for accessibility and convenience


Deploy Tools and Expertise to Ensure Your Continued Success

  • Deploy new technologies to support better care, patient accessibility, and convenience

  • Improve practice efficiency and grow new practices and service lines through operational expertise to develop new ASCs

  • Lower practice overhead and procurement costs through size and scale

  • Sustain patient growth with enhanced marketing capabilities

  • Drive operational efficiency with business systems


What Our Doctors Are Saying

“What I learned in medical school was how to be a gastroenterologist. What I learned here is how to be a doctor. What it means to care for people. What it means to go the extra mile. I think that all of our patients here deserve to be listened to, deserve to be heard, to be treated as though they were a member of our own family. That’s something I feel that my partners and I do for the community.”

Dorian Jones, M.D.
Practicing Physician at Digestive Health Institute

“Some use the term Pracademic to describe us. We have a fellowship program. We teach medical students. We teach residents. We participate in research. At the same time, we don’t have some of the constraints you might find in other settings.”

Dorian Jones, M.D.
Practicing Physician at Digestive Health Institute

“We’ve been able to get back to the clinical skills for which we trained many years. Other people spend many years training for business skills. So, why not let them do what they do well while we do what we do best?“

Scott Plaehn, D.O., FACOI
Practicing Physician at Digestive Health Institute

“We’ve gone from a smaller practice to a much larger practice with Pinnacle GI Partners. I have enjoyed being in the private practice model for having more autonomy. We have the option to think outside the box and improve patient care- in a large health system, that just doesn’t exist.”

Daniel Coffey, M.D.
Practicing Surgeon at Digestive Health Institute

“We have a very large patient population. So, if someone is interested in a specific niche of GI, we definitely have the patients, volume, and the referral base to be very successful."

M. Emin Donat, M.D., FRCPC
Practicing Physician at Digestive Health Institute

“We have autonomy with what we want to do with our patients. The transparency is there. It's a breath of fresh air for me that I don't have to do any of the marketing anymore, set up meetings.”

Sante Bologna, M.D., FACP

“I feel like we have so much less red tape. If the patient needs the other specialty, it's often as simple as a phone call or a click by the receptionist on the computer.”

Daniel Coffey, M.D.
Practicing Surgeon at Digestive Health Institute

“We saw that if we could have the services of multiple practices under one umbrella, that just strengthens us because then, we as physicians can concentrate on taking care of patients.  And the administrative portions are left to the people who do that best.”

Partha Nandi, M.D.

“One of the reasons we partnered with Pinnacle GI Partners is for the preservation of private practice. The preservation of excellent care. When we as physicians can focus on the patients and do what we do best, patients thrive. That’s when we can get the best outcomes.”

Partha Nandi, M.D.

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