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Our Mission

Partner. Grow. Thrive.

Pinnacle GI Partners the largest provider of GI health in Michigan. We are founded on the belief that independent GI practices provide the best value – quality, cost, and experience – for patients and their communities.

Our model is unique. We are led by entrepreneurial GI physicians who want to grow and thrive together in the modern healthcare landscape. Our physician leaders are partnered with our team of back-office operations experts to manage the non clinical tasks. Together we are growing and thriving.

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Private Practice Can Be Tough Without Support

Today’s private practice landscape is more challenging and competitive than ever. Patients as consumers have higher expectations on accessibility and communication with you and your practice. Doctors face increased pressure from larger hospital systems and payers.

You want to give your patients every chance for successful treatment but reimbursement pressure, wage inflation and labor shortages hamper growth and profitability of independent practices. Regulatory requirements and operational burdens often take your attention away from providing your best care.

Physicians struggle to tackle these challenges and still provide care to patients their patients that meets their standards? It can be overwhelming.  It’s also why some of Michigan’s top Gastroenterologists and Colorectal Surgeons joined together to overcome the challenges facing healthcare today by forming Pinnacle GI Partners.

Pinnacle GI Partners are a team of business partners to independent Gastroenterology and Colorectal specialists. Working together, administrative experts and physicians partner to build even better practices and help everyone win – today and in the future.

It’s Your Journey – Take Control


Physicians as Partners, Not Passengers

  • We are a physician led team with high quality patient care as our top priority.

  • We empower each local practice to continue engagement and affiliation.

  • Our physicians work jointly with our business leaders to drive our mission forward.


Invest Together to Build the GI Practice of the Future

  • Gain access to resources that enable you to address your practice pain points.

  • Reduce tedious office work with a dedicated “Back-Office” team that is hyper focused on growth and your success.

  • Access training and mentoring opportunities for you and your team. We are developing the next generation of physicians, clinical research, practice leadership.

  • Implement technologies that enable you to  stay competitive and to meet 21st Century patient expectations for accessibility and convenience


Resources to Ensure Your Continued Success

  • Gain the resources need so you can perform at your very best.

  • Improve practice efficiency, grow new practices and expand service lines.

  • Take advantage of economies of scale lowering your overhead and procurement costs.  Keep more revenue in your pocket. 

  • Sustain patient growth with enhanced marketing capabilities.

  • Drive operational efficiency with business systems.


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