Transforming Digestive Healthcare

Who we are

Empowering GI Practices

Pinnacle GI Partners is a large-scale GI clinical platform owned by physicians to withstand today’s challenges and thrive. Physician owners are in the driver’s seat, leveraging the benefit of economies of scale, while maintaining local control of their practice.

Working together we deploy practice improvements systematically to optimize productivity, efficiency, and workflow. We are hyper focused on patient acquisition and knowledge systems, so our physician owners can focus on providing their best to their patients.


Physicians as Partners, Not Passengers

We take a joint approach to partnership.  When you’ve put your life’s work into building a practice that provides quality GI care for your community, you want to ensure your work continues to grow and thrive. 

We empower and enable you to modernize your practice. We manage the administrative and non clinical “Back-Office” tasks of the practice enabling you to do what you do best. Don’t lose sleep at night over spreadsheets and the latest supply shortage.  

Administrative team

Back-Office Operational Specialties

      • Revenue Cycle Management
      • Operational Strategy
      • Finance/Accounting
      • IT Management
      • Recruitment
      • Credentialing
      • Human Resources
      • Marketing
      • Reputation Management

How We Bring Value to Our Partners

As an established practice platform, we have the resources and infrastructure to help solve the problems challenging the success of independent GI (your practice) practices.  As your partners, we bring the operational support needed for day-to-day administrative work, we share best practices, we invest in leading-edge tools and technologies, and we provide valuable support services to our teams of clinicians, enabling them to spend more of their time on direct patient care, clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction. 


Revenue Cycle Management Team, Accounting Team,

  • Our high performing Revenue Cycle Management team ensures your money doesn’t fall through the cracks.
  • Transparent Accounting Team ensures your practice’s financial health.
  • Bulk Purchasing agreements save you money and increases efficiencies.

Human Resources

Recruit and support the career development of our doctors

  • Recruiting the best staff starts with with best recruiters.
  • Make sure your team has the support to succeed with our access to proven employee educational resources.
  • Ensure your team has the access to affordable employee benefits that enable them to thrive


Transform your practice with the latest technological advances.

  • Upgrade your clinic and take advantage of our high performing ASCs and Histology Labs.
  • Refine clinical workflows, deploy new tools to support automation
  • Use the latest diagnostic and patient engagement resources.


Meet and exceed the expectations of 21st-century patients

  • Optimize your patient engagement using the latest platforms and engagement tools.
  • Implement a Reputation Management Strategy that monitors and responds to your profiles.
  • Use data informed marketing strategies focused on growth.

A Journey is Always Better