Transforming Digestive Healthcare

Center for Digestive Health

Center for Digestive Health (CDH) or Troy Gastro is the premier provider of digestive health services in the Greater Detroit Metro Area.

  • 11 Gastroenterologists
  • 1 GI Pathologist 
  • 8 Advanced Providers
  • 9 locations
  • 2 Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Digestive Health Institute

Digestive Health Institute is comprised of Michigan Gastro Institute (MGI) and Capitol Colorectal Surgery (CCS) – the largest providers of GI services in the Greater Lansing Area.

  • 9 Gastroenterologists
  • 3 Colorectal Surgeons
  • 7 Advanced Providers
  • 1 Ambulatory Surgery Center

Infusion Centers of Michigan

Infusion Centers of Michigan provides a wide range of infusion services  to meet the unique needs of our growing, diverse community. We provide an ideal experience for our patients to achieve optimal health and wellness.

  • 3 Locations – Lansing MI, Rochester Hills MI, Macomb Township MI
  • 20 Infusion Chairs

Pinnacle Billing

Pinnacle Billing is the Revenue Cycle Management Division of Pinnacle GI Partners.  Pinnacle Billing supports patient care from pre-authorization to revenue collection.  


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